A Life Restored

With reflective confidence, Mike Callahan shares his journey to wellness.  “You guys gave me a life again.” He continues to open-up about his illness and his recovery.  Mr. Callahan arrived at MADO Healthcare in 2012, seeking rehabilitation and recovery services.  Prior to finding his path to wellness with MADO, Mike spent many years working in the construction industry.  After the onset of his psychiatric disability, he began using drugs and alcohol excessively.  On a downward spiral, Mike found himself panhandling up and down Harlem Avenue off of the I-290 exit.  He was using alcohol and heroin daily.  After spending 3 years homeless and suffering significant medical injuries in a car accident, Mike found his way to MADO Healthcare and his pursuit to recovery.

Mike participated in recovery and rehabilitation programing, to include completion of the Transitional Living Program at MADO Healthcare-Douglas Park.  He recently reflected on his successes, saying, “Dual recovery helped me for sure!” MADO Healthcare offers an intensive outpatient program for mental health and substance use. Mike was also the first participant in MADO’s medication self-administration program.  This skills development program allows clients to learn about one’s medications and when to take them with a goal of taking medication without the assistance of case managers and nursing staff.   “Recovery means not doing the stuff I used to.” Mike says.

Mike is now a leader in the Workforce Training Program at MADO Healthcare-Old Town and is a valued member of the Center’s maintenance crew.  He enjoys learning from the team at MADO and helping his peers.  “Here, I’m free.  I can go out when I want and do things for myself.”   Mike continues each day on his path to wellness.  In collaboration with MADO Healthcare, Mike is currently working with The State’s Moving On Program to locate an apartment with the support of a community partner organization, Thresholds.  He hopes to return to the workforce but is not sure yet what kind of job he would like to pursue.  Mike feels confident in his ability to work, saying, “The work program made people want my skills now.” And Mike concludes that, “everyone here helped me!”  All at MADO Healthcare wish Mike well on his continued growth, success and wellness!