World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is observed every year on October 10th.  This is a day to raise awareness and mobilize support for those who live with mental illness.  MADO Healthcare is proud to actively participate in mental health advocacy.  As an organization dedicated to helping persons who live with mental illness support individual pursuits of wellness, we stand vigilant in public efforts to insure access to mental healthcare through all health insurance plans.  

MADO Healthcare is an ardent supporter and participant in The Kennedy Forum on Mental Health and Addiction.  The Kennedy Forum is a national convener of all sectors of our society working toward lasting change in the way mental health and addictions are considered and treated.  MADO Healthcare President and CEO, Peter J. O’Brien, Sr. and his wife Mimi, along with civic, business, and healthcare leaders have led a program in Illinois to combat stigma in all forms and to impact access to mental health and addiction support.   

On this day of action, MADO Healthcare stands for justice and the right of those living with mental illness and substance use disorder to receive the same support given to any other disease of the body.  We encourage everyone’s participation in the national convening of the Fourth Annual Kennedy Forum in Chicago, on January 16, 2018, “Bending Towards Justice: A Summit for Mental Health Equity” in Chicago.  To learn how you can participate in this national advocacy event, please go to