Update on Buena Park

Dr. Tina Lott Kamara, Executive Director

MADO Healthcare Buena Park, has for several months, negotiated a new three-year agreement with 8 SEIU Union members, engaging in many, many good faith bargaining sessions.

MADO Healthcare Buena Park presented its very fair economic and noneconomic package, including wage rates well above the minimum wage, a fair retirement plan, and a highly rated United Healthcare Plan with plan options that are nearly 75% more favorable than is required under the Affordable Care Act. 

The Union engaged in regressive bargaining to ensure no agreement would be reached. Even so BP made more concessions. The Union rejected and refused to present MADO Healthcare Buena Park’s final offer to its union members, had no counter offer and went on strike this past Monday, January 21.

Several days before the strike began, the union filed a disingenuous unfair labor practice charge so the union could call its action an unfair labor practice strike.  MADO Healthcare Buena Park responded to the charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and expects the charge to be dismissed. 

As the SEIU Union has been on strike since January 21, it is unfortunate that the Union continues its practice in deceptive bullying in their misguided mass communications.

MADO Healthcare Buena Park has contacted the Federal Mediation Conciliation Services (FMCS) mediator and is willing to engage in mediation.  It is our understanding that the Union has failed to return the mediator’s telephone calls. MADO Healthcare Buena Park looks forward to reaching an agreement on a new contract with the Union and at that time, welcoming our union employees back to work.  

With the support of the MADO Healthcare Buena Park’s management team and other credentialed and support staff, we continue to provide high quality recovery and rehabilitation services to our clients living with serious mental illness.