Statement of MADO Healthcare Buena Park

Statement of MADO Healthcare Buena Park

Dr. Tina Lott Kamara, Executive Director

MADO Healthcare Buena Park has been negotiating, in good faith, with the SEIU, the Union that represents the eight certified nursing assistant (CNA) staff co-workers at our Buena Park facility and had successfully discussed many aspects of a fair and fiscally responsible multi-year contract agreement, including compensation.

However, the parties have reached impasse on the issue of healthcare benefits following SEIU’s demand that MADO Healthcare Buena Park provide these eight Buena Park employees with a more expensive, union sponsored healthcare plan or cut employee premiums, which are already less expensive than what the Affordable Care Act allows, by as much as 75%, rather than accept MADO’s proposal to offer the superior United Healthcare plan provided to all other MADO Healthcare Buena Park employees (union and non-union).

The Union rejected and refused to present MADO Healthcare’s offer to its members, had no counter-offer and as of Monday, January 21, the eight certified nurse assistants at our Buena Park facility have gone on strike.

The Union filed an unfounded charge with the National Relations Labor Board (NRLB) so they can call their economic strike an unfair labor practice strike.  MADO Healthcare Buena Park has already filed its position paper with the NLRB on the charge and expects the NLRB will dismiss the charge. 

With the support of the MADO Healthcare management team and other credentialed and support staff, we are committed to maintaining the same high-quality recovery and rehabilitation services to our residential clients who are living with mental illness.