Transitional Living Program

Achieving Independence

MADO Healthcare’s 120-day Transitional Living Program supports individuals who can benefit from a setting designed to enhance the practice of independent living skills and facilitate community integration and greater independence.

  • The program focuses on self-management of medication, financial planning and life skills.
  • Clients participate in both individual and group counseling and education.
  • Clients participate in pre-employment activity and are partnered with community support organizations.
  • Peers share a common living space and kitchen.
  • Clients practice independent life skills such as laundry, shopping, cooking and general housekeeping.
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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Adults who are at least 18 years of age
  • Persons living with a primary diagnosis of a serious mental illness
  • Persons who may also be living with one or more chronic physical health challenges and/or a substance use disorder
  • Persons eligible for MADO Healthcare services must be a Medicaid or both Medicaid and Medicare recipient, or a private pay client.

Offered at these locations: