Learning New Ways

“I don’t let my diagnosis deter me from things I would like to accomplish.” Vitaly Zalewski came to MADO Healthcare-Old Town in June 2017. Mr. Zalewski lives with Bipolar Disorder. Over the last several months, Vitaly has learned how effective medications are to his diagnosis. He moved to MADO Healthcare- Douglas Park in October and participates in daily therapeutic activities and groups. He credits the MADO Healthcare staff for their individual care and attention in helping him stabilize and learn how to manage his medications. Vitaly believes his relationships with staff and their attention to his diagnosis have helped him learn to recognize his symptoms and know what programs to attend. His goals are to obtain his own apartment and to learn coping skills that will help him be successful on his own. Vitaly finds joy in helping others and connecting with his peers. He has a true passion for art; he reads, draws and writes.   “I enjoy most things but writing is most therapeutic. ” Writing is Vitaly’s passion. “My writing gives me peace.” One can often spot him in the hobby room at Douglas Park, enjoying the company of others and writing; always writing. “I would like for people to know being a part of the MADO Healthcare Family has given me hope to know that even with my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, I remain positive and know that I can accomplish any goals I set for myself.”