Inspire Award

The 2018 Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Inspire Award was presented to MADO Healthcare Thursday, 5/24/18, at the National Puerto Rican Museum of Arts and Culture in Chicago. Peter O'Brien, Sr, accepted the Award. This Award is presented annually to a community leader or organization that exemplifies the values that inspire the Ministry's outreach to the community. The Award recognizes exceptional leadership from an individual or organization that has gone above and beyond the call of duty to advance the well-being of the neighbors that Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center serves.

Earlier this summer, MADO Healthcare CEO, Peter J. O’Brien, Sr., was the recipient of the St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center’s Inspire Award. Peter was honored for his work on statewide campaigns for mental healthcare advocacy, legislation and reform through the Kennedy Forum Illinois and the MADO Healthcare Centers.

The award ceremony was held at the National Puerto Rican Museum of Arts and Culture in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.   Martin Judd, Regional President & CEO of Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, and Frank Perham, Vice President of Presence Behavioral Health presented Peter with the Inspire Award. Mr. Perham spoke of Peter and his family’s deeply personal connection to issues of mental illness and addiction, touching upon the 2012 passing of his son, Peter Jr.  “It was an orchard ravaged in tears when Peter lost his son to mental illness.”   Fr. Scott Donahue of Chicago’s Mercy Home for Boys and Girls shared, “Peter has been a good friend to me, and to the children in Mercy Home’s care, many of whom also come from families that struggle with issues of mental health and addiction.”  Dr. Glaser, Chairman of Psychiatry at St. Mary’s & St. Elizabeth paid tribute to Peter from the heart, saying, “I’ve never met anyone more driven than Peter.  When he does something to help people out, he does it to scale.”

Accepting the Award, Peter shared the honor with the co-workers of MADO Healthcare who support adults with serious mental illness in their pursuit to achieve individual goals of wellness.  Peter thanked the St. Mary & St. Elizabeth community for the honor and acknowledged guests present who included elected and community leaders, community mental health partner organization leaders, many of the MADO Healthcare staff and Peter’s wife, Mimi O’Brien and 3 daughters, Reenie King, Meghan O’Brien and Caitlin O’Brien.

Receiving this year’s Inspire Award is a great honor and MADO Healthcare is proud of the continued partnership with Presence Health to bring the needed care, support and resources to those with diagnosed mental illnesses.