Across the Globe

World Mental Health Day is observed every year on October 10th.  This is a day that brings global attention to an important conversation about mental illnesses. It is a day where those living with a diagnosis of a mental illness can speak up, share experiences and stories, connect with others, work to combat the stigma associated with mental illness and advocate for access to care.


MADO Healthcare is proud to actively participate in mental health advocacy.  As an organization dedicated to helping persons who live with mental illness support individual pursuits of wellness, we continue our vigilant stance in public efforts to insure access to mental healthcare through all health insurance plans. In this country alone, 1 in 5 adults experience a mental illness. 1 in 25 adults experience a serious mental illness. By law, most health plans must cover illnesses of the brain, such as depression or addiction, the same way they cover illnesses of the body, such as diabetes or cancer. Earlier this month, representatives of Senior Management of MADO Healthcare joined the hundreds gathered in Washington D.C. with the Kennedy-Satcher Center for Mental Health Equity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the passing of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. And now, MADO Healthcare is proud to join some of the nation’s most prominent MHSUD organizations in the #DontDenyMe campaign. We are amongst the many ready and willing to speak up about illegal denials of care. You can learn more at